Open Call for Artists

Join us and help us invade public space through our "guerrilla projections" in Berlin and other cities.


Participate with your cryptoart, poetry, video art, painting, video dance, photography, visual poetry, short films, illustration, design or any other digital medium that can be projected, in our ongoing Open Call for Artists.


Send us an email if you are Collective that wants to be featured ina special edition of Gargantúa.

Ilan Katin, 2020. Photo: @kittywhen
Ilan Katin, 2020. Photo: @kittywhen


4-Gargantua S5-111

Guerrilla Projection Workshop

An exciting workshop for artists and activists that want to push the medium to impact more their world.


In this workshop we will explore and discuss techniques and experiences-from hardware to content creation, establish methods for architectural guerrilla mapping and more!

Projected Poetry Workshop

We don't want to invade only with visual artworks, we want to revolutionize public space with poetry!


In this workshop we will explore the logic of projecting text and the techniques to effectively convey poetry and written word through guerrilla projection invasions, from static to animated typography, to visual poems. 

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Do you have a projector?

Do you want to help us invade the streets of your city with art, poetry and activism?

Become part of our worldwide guerrilla projection team!

Send us an email.