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#OLAVECIÑAS arose in March 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic, when a state of alarm was declared in Spain and the entire population was confined to their homes. After a week of confinement in which we all went through different emotional states, we made a video call (Laura Romero, Begoña Santiago and Amaia Vilas) to see how we were and how we felt. It was at this moment when, after reflecting on what isolation and the absence of contact meant, about how we were feeling, we decided to use the projectors from our windows. We launched an invitation to create a neighbourhood fabric, creating a network of mutual support and care in the neighbourhoods. The light from the projectors sought to encourage dialogue among the neighbourhood as a tool to combat the fear and mistrust caused by this situation of isolation. Our main vehicle of expression is video projections, and we invite people to use this resource by launching the following manifesto:


#OLAVECIÑAS arises from a reflection on what it means to be isolated and without contact with our surroundings. Given the current situation in which we find ourselves, we want to launch a call to build stronger community ties through the creation of a network of mutual support and care in  neighbourhoods. #OLAVECIÑAS seeks to encourage community dialogue between neighbourhood residents as a tool to combat the fear and mistrust that this situation of confinement can cause. Our main vehicle of expression are video projections and as such, we invite people who use this resource or have any suggestion to join and contact us at:

Podcast Interview

Dive into the logics and experiences of guerrilla projections

In this podcast....


Listen in, learn, question, create. Repeat.

*Recorded: 10/05/2021            *Language: Spanish

Interviews & ARTICLES

Artistas llenan las fachadas de mensajes durante el confinamiento

/ política, arte y Britney Spears

María Pampín -El Diario- Galicia

As paredes falan no medio da epidemia:

o 'Ola, veci as' como forma de uni n durante o confinamento

Reportaxe: Marcos Pérez Pena -28.03.20

O edificio de Santiago que fala cada noite:

As lendas que proxectan dende un piso do barrio de San Pedro tiran a dar.

Por Galicia Confidencial 05.04.202





Audio de la entrevista a #OlaVeciñas para Siradio.


Area of influence

Main area of influence Galicia, Spain