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Optikal Ink Lab

Optikal Ink Lab is the AV label that hosts the works created by Laura Ramirez a.k.a. Optika VJ, an independent audiovisual director and visual artist specialized in integrate the digital art with audiovisual narratives to create installations, video mapping interventions, VJ sets, live performances and videos that play with the viewer's perception. O .I .L . is also a floating workspace where digital artists are invited  to work in projects and to co-create artworks following the lab's guidelines . Based in Bogotá-COL and working in different countries.

Podcast Interview

Dive into the logics and experiences of guerrilla projections

In this podcast we speak with Laura Ramírez, aka Optika VJ, one of the most important and prolific live visual artists from Colombia. Her vast experience in live visuals, full dome projections and videomapping has not let her shy away from engaging and addressing urgent socio-political crisis in her home country through video and light projection.

In this episode we dive into her creative process, the self-organized protests using projectors and the struggles, dangers and hurdles faced when combining activism and projectors in Colombia.

Listen in, learn, question, create. Repeat.

*Recorded: 20/04/2021            *Interview language: Spanish

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