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Colectivo Últimaesperanza

Ultimaesperanza is an artistic collective directed by Sandra Ulloa and Nataniel Alvarez that was born in 2004. They are interested in exploring, through different artistic languages and technological media (analogue and digital), the particularities of the Magellanic rurality; of the sub-Antarctic territory and its relation with the collective memory, history and local identity.

The collective takes its name as a gesture of resistance in allusion to the toponymy of the place, trying to rescue the names of localities such as Bahía Inútil (Useless Bay), Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope), Bahía de la Desolación (Bay of Desolation), Bahía Decepción (Bay of Deception), etc. that have conditioned the way in which the surrounding territory is observed in order to offer a sign of change through interdisciplinary artistic projects.

Podcast Interview

Dive into the logics and experiences of guerrilla projections

In this podcast we talk to Nataniel Gómez, founder with Sandra Ulloa of Colectivo Últimaesperanza, an amazing duo exploring the poetics of projected light and its intimate bonds with nature and earth.

We start of asking what are the implications of projecting light onto glaciers in the antartica region where human life is barely around in this harsh and beautiful region. From then on, an inspirng, poetic and humane talk develops about their art, the connection to the pachamama and its people.

Listen in, learn, question, create. Repeat.


*Recorded: 14/06/2021            *Language: Spanish

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Una entrevista sobre su reciente exposición en Casa de América en Madrid



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Main area of influence Chile, specifically in the

sub anthartic region.

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